WoodWick Candles

woodwick candles

What are WoodWick Candles?

WoodWick candles are precisely what their name implies: a candle with a wood wick. Most standard candles have braided cotton wicks that require trimming. However, a wood wick candle offers a unique experience from regular candles.

Also known as crackling candles, the natural wick option adds to the ambiance of burning scented candles. Wood wicks mimic the sound of a crackling fire as they burn, in contrast with the near-silent experience of cotton wick candles.

Though Virginia Gift Brands created the subgroup of alternative wick candles, Yankee Candle later took over the brand. As Yankee Candle explains, the innovative wooden wicks not only offer the sound of a crackling fire but also deliver fragrance fast.

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Why Use a WoodWick Candle?

Of course, the primary feature of these candles is their soothing sound effect. But there are other benefits to using wooden wick candles, too.

  • Clean Burn: Yankee Candle uses a blend of paraffin and soy wax in this line of candles, meaning they burn cleanly. A lack of spatter and residue means a more satisfying burn experience.
  • Long-Lasting Scents: With the quick-start wicks and rich scents, these candles create a consistent and lasting fragrance.
  • Design Features: The style and shape of the candle holders increase the amount and consistency of the fragrance that releases. With stylish designs and colors, your candles will be pleasant to look at, too.

Tips for Burning Candles with a Wood Wick

  • Trim the wick before each use, measuring to ¼ inch. No tools are necessary; use your fingertips to break off the burned edges of the wood. Wait for the candle’s wick and wax to cool before trimming the wick.
  • A too-high flame height or smoking indicates it’s time to trim the wick.
  • Take care when moving the candle, only doing so when it is extinguished. The vast wax pool and consistently burning wick mean higher heat.
  • Burn your candle until the wax melts out to the edges of the container. Extinguishing it before that point may cause the excess wax to remain on the edges of the glass.

Popular Candle Scents from Yankee Candle's Wood Wick Candles

Though all fragrance candles from the brand are arguably aromatic and long lasting, here are a few customer favorites that top the ranks.

Café Sweets Trilogy

An hourglass candle with the trio of vanilla bean, caramel, and biscotti scents, this sweet treat earns kudos for its layered fragrance. As it burns, you’ll enjoy a pure vanilla bean, fresh sugar and cream, and toasted cookie dough aroma.

Lavender Spa

A calming and refreshing scent that’s soothingly spa-like, lavender is a fan favorite for its comforting properties. With both lavender and eucalyptus oil, this unique blend will soothe you into relaxation and rejuvenation.


An outdoorsy candle with smoky undertones, this candle encompasses the essence of the wooden wick candles. With the crackling sounds of a fire and the aroma of amber, incense, and a bit of vanilla, you’ll feel like you’re next to a sweet-smelling wood fire.