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What are Scented Candles?

Scented candles contain fragrances inside the soy wax. As fragrant candles melt, they release the scent into the air. Scents last for the life of the wax, meaning you can enjoy an aromatic experience every time you use the soy candles.

Refreshing and cozy candle scents help to remove offensive odors from your home while adding to the overall ambiance. Select candles with seasonal scents, to suit a theme, or enjoy a collection of your favorite standard fragrances year-round.

 Popular Candle Scents List

While it’s hard to choose one as a favorite, the availability of a range of candle scents means there’s a fragrance for every occasion.


Woodsy fragrances include notes of tree and shrub scents such as pine, cedar, oak, and more. These types of candles give off outdoorsy fragrances that are reminiscent of spending time in nature and the woods.


Seasons may change, but seasonal candle fragrances can always remind you of the smell of the hearth, the taste of peppermint candy canes, or the flavor of holiday cookies. Some limited-time scents are only available around the holidays, creating higher demand as seasonal nostalgia begins.


Fruity fragrances encompass every scent from citrus to other fruits like cherry, apple, and more. A combination of fruity scents can help boost your mood and suggest notes of freshly picked fruit.


Although some fruit fragrances hold sweet notes, other scents such as cinnamon or vanilla are year-round favorites apart from their inclusion in seasonal candles.

Tips for Burning Fragrant Candles

Fragrant candles are ideal for relaxation, entertaining, and everyday use. Choose your favorite scent, then follow these tips for burning soy wax candles.

  • Keep all flammable and other items away from the candle while it’s lit. Even items that are not flammable can become hot and potentially burn you.
  • Do not leave a candle burning while you leave the house. Unattended candles can pose a fire hazard. Also, only light your candles in areas with adequate airflow. In small spaces, the scent can become too overpowering and the flame may even go out.
  • Light multiple candles at one time to mingle fragrances, creating a custom scent and try to burn them for an average of three hours each session. This way, your candle will last anywhere from 60 to 84 hours.
  • Choose scents that complement your event or menu, enhancing the experience.

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The scent of candles can help change the mood in your home and disperse odors from pets, cooking, and daily living. Whether you stock up on your favorite scent or decide to try something new, you can find scented candles for any occasion with For relaxing at home, having guests over, or putting on a seasonal or themed event, there’s a soy candle that will suit every need.