Hand-Crafted 100% Natural Soy Candles

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Introducing the Wax & Wick Soy Candle Collection

Choosing a Soy Candle is Easy When You Explore the Wax & Wick Range.

Choosing a soy candle is easy when you explore the Wax & Wick range but why opt for soy? There are many different and traditional candle brands on the market so why have we chosen to offer only 100% soy candle scents? We are proud of using natural ingredients and ensuring your home enjoys both the gentle ambience created by candlelight and one of our delicately crafted fragrances.

Our range of soy candle options all feature double wood wicks and are available in 8oz and 10oz sizes.

Why Choose a Soy Candle?

Every soy candle we sell is made using only 100% soybeans. This makes them a safe and natural choice, especially when you consider the health concerns around paraffin and petroleum-based candles. Choosing a soy candle means you’re also opting for an environmentally-friendly option. Soy is a renewable and recyclable resource and you can feel safe in the knowledge your new soy candle is bringing fragrance to your home, without any additional chemicals or pollutants.

Paraffin-based candles, which are the norm, give off a wide range of different, potentially harmful, pollutants. They also leave a bit of a mess with the sooty residue they produce clinging to your walls and on your surfaces. Your soy candle leaves no such residue, which has a potential health impact as well as looking unsightly. At the worst your soy candle may leave a white residue but it can be cleaned away using your regular household cleaning methods.

Another benefit of opting for soy is the longer burn time it offers. You may find your initial outlay is higher, but you get more from your candle, in terms of aroma and burn time. Soy wax doesn’t need to get as hot as paraffin so it will burn for much longer.

What are the Benefits of a Woodwick Candle?

Have you ever considered the kind of wick your candle uses? Not many people know there are dangerous options on the market which is why every option in our range is a 100% safe woodwick candle. Opting for a woodwick candle, an in our case, a double woodwick candle, ensures a safer, more natural burn.

Many candles on the market feature a cored wick, which features a cotton outer layer with metal inside. Now newer candles shouldn’t feature this kind of core but initially many cored wick candles were made using lead, known for its highly dangerous and potentially fatal consequences if the fumes are inhaled. Many candles now feature cotton or hemp wicks but we’ve opted for woodwick candles for very good reason.

In line with our commitment to 100% natural soy, it made sense to opt for wooden wicks which are natural. Another benefit of a woodwick candle is that you don’t have to worry about trimming the wick at any point, just light it and enjoy the burn. The performance of the wick will be dependent on the natural formation of the wood and any knots it may contain but generally, you’ll enjoy a better and stronger burn than the alternatives on the market.

Choosing a Soy Candle

With a choice of sizes you can opt for one of our smaller soy candles if you aren’t sure which scent to being with. Once you’ve experienced the quality of the candles we’re sure you’ll want to try a larger size or a different scent. All our handles are made by hand and crafted with close care and attention. Only soybeans are used to make up the wax and the choice of scents makes it easy to experiment until you find the one which suits you.

Opting for a natural, soy candle does not mean you lose out when it comes to quality and fragrance. You will enjoy both an increased burn time and each of our unique fragrances is full of scent and designed to last.