Eternal Flame: Make Your Valentine’s Day Perfect with Candles

The one you love deserves to be spoiled at any time of the year. As we head towards Valentine’s Day, say it with scents and turn your special evening together into something a cut above by using soft candlelight and beautiful aromas to set the scene and make it a night to remember.

Any relationship, no matter how long established deserves to be cherished and celebrated, so whether you’ve been together for one year, or fifty, we’ve got all the ideas you need to make it happen.

The first flicker of romance...


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If you’ve set your heart on someone special, then what could be more cute and fun than planning a lighthearted evening together to get to know each other more and experience those first, fluttery feelings of love?

Traditional tones of red, pink and white are always a big hit. If you’re decorating a dining space, why not try a cute arrangement of pink and red tea lights in a heart shape on the middle of the table? Around these, you could strew little heart shaped sweets in the same colors as our featured picture, or set them onto individually iced cupcakes for a sweet treat to enjoy after your meal.

In terms of fragranced candles, think light, think bright - you want to create an ambience of love and happiness, so choose upbeat scents, with middle notes of citrus and an undertone of woody depth, like cedar.

From flickering to full flame

Valentine's Table

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Perhaps this is the first Valentine’s Day you’ve spent living together, or even as a newly engaged couple. The foundations of a lifetime of love are always worth celebrating and with that in mind you can create a beautiful display that’s sophisticated and eye catching, as well as saying something about the strength of your relationship.

If you’re having a special dinner, make lighting the focal point. Set pillar candles of various sizes in gold toned holders in the middle of the table to create a stepped effect of light.

The element of romance is still extremely important, but aim for decorations with a deeper, grown up edge. Rose stems and petals around the base of the candles will work well, as will a few glass bowls filled with deep toned red fruits and berries - these can also be incorporated into your dessert, or sweet part of the meal and eaten with ice cream or a rich, decadent chocolate sauce.

Your choice of scent for the room should be aromatic and with a distinct depth to it, so incorporate elements of amber and sandalwood to signify the growing intensity of your feelings.

A steady, long burning affair

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How long have you been together? If you’ve been married or settled into family life for a few years, it’s good to take a step back and grab some time for the both of you, to remember what you’ve achieved as a couple and how far you’ve come.

If you’re celebrating a particular milestone in your relationship, make this part of your day together and create a special cake, or dessert with numbered candles to have on the table as your centrepiece. They’ll add a special ambience and lighting them together will give the sense of keeping the flame of love burning, and passions alive.

Stuck for scent inspiration? Consider sweet, sensual and calming vanilla  to create a nurturing and homely ambience that suggests good food, happy times with family and a sense of well-being.

Let Your Love Smolder

Dark Candle

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A love that thrives is a love that survives and if you’re a couple who have spent many decades together you’ll know and appreciate just what it takes to keep a partnership working successfully.

You might feel you’re past celebrating Valentine’s Day, but you can still mark the occasion without all the glitter, hearts and glamour and make a statement that reflects who you are and where you are in your lives.

A simple, quiet evening together with low, warm lighting and the gentle glow of pillar candles dotted plainly around the room can add a reflective, calm ambience that will suit your mood. Think about setting some tea lights in lanterns, or floating them in a ceramic bowl, filled with water and beautifully scented relaxing essential oils like rose, lavender or patchouli.

If you’d rather have the fragrance come directly from the pillar candles themselves, opt for something that will create a soothing atmosphere and contains elements of warm musk. This will create an inviting and homely scent and remind you to unwind and take care of yourselves.

We’d love to know if you’ve been inspired by our creative ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day and the fragrance combinations you would choose to make your own happy memories.